More and more homeowners are switching to motorized roller shades – for good reason. These automated window coverings offer many benefits that save money, make your home smarter and more sustainable, reduce glare, enhance privacy, and transform ordinary windows into design statements. Keep reading to learn why motorized roller shades are well worth the investment.
Motorized roller shades enhance room ambiance with automated functionality.

Increased Home Value

One of the biggest perks of motorized roller shades is that they increase your home’s value. These shades make your house smarter and more high-tech. Homebuyers are increasingly interested in tech-forward features like home automation systems, so upgrading to motorized shades now can pay off when you eventually sell your home.

Sustainable Living

Motorized shades support sustainable living in several key ways. First, the automation allows you to control when your shades go up and down easily. This smarter window covering system ensures your shades are working for you efficiently. Automating your shades to rise in the morning and lower at night helps reduce the energy consumption needed for lighting. Smart settings also provide optimal daylight and climate control.

Glare Reduction

Glare from intense sunlight shining into a room can make tasks unpleasant or even impossible. From glare on TV and computer screens to overly bright rooms, it leads to eye strain and headaches. Motorized roller shades offer the ultimate glare control. Lower shades automatically at key times of the day, or create custom scenes to manage sunlight in different areas of your home.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to automation features that support the energy-efficient use of daylight, motorized shades are also made of materials that provide insulation. Dual roller shades have two layers with air pockets to reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. This saves a significant amount on heating and cooling costs. Using motorized shades can reduce energy bills by up to 25%.

Privacy Solutions

Unlike blinds and many other window coverings, roller shades offer complete privacy and light-blocking capabilities. Enjoy peace of mind by customizing shade settings for day and night privacy. Keep the outdoors from looking in for enhanced security as well. Blackout fabrics prevent light leakage in media rooms, nurseries, and bedrooms.

Ultimate Convenience with Smart Home Automation

Integrate seamlessly with today’s smart home ecosystems. Enjoy voice-activated shades programmed to respond to Amazon AlexaGoogle Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and more. Create custom automation triggered by time of day, outdoor weather conditions, indoor lighting levels, and additional sensor devices. Setting up automated schedules, operating groups of shades in different rooms, and controlling your shades remotely brings a new level of convenience.

Motorized vs. Manual Shades: Making the Investment

Investing in premium motorized roller shades instead of cheaper manual versions comes down to added convenience and whether you’ll recoup costs through long-term benefits. Key advantages to weigh include:

  • Home Automation Capabilities
  • Total Light Control
  • Energy Savings
  • Effortless Operation
  • Enhanced Home Value

For most homeowners, going with motorized represents a valuable investment in your home’s comfort, efficiency, and ability to keep pace with technology.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorized Roller Shades

1. What features allow motorized shades to work with smart home systems?

Most motorized roller shades for smart home integration include Wi-Fi connectivity or a proprietary automation module. This enables wireless control and communication, enabling features like scheduling, voice control, and automation triggers based on home conditions.

Yes, most smart motorized roller shade systems allow you to set up shade “groups.” This lets you control multiple shades in different rooms with a single command, like lowering all downstairs shades or raising all bedroom shades simultaneously.

While each brand has different requirements, most motorized roller shades can be installed DIY if you are handy. However, for any complex wiring into automation systems, unusual window sizes, advanced programming, or precision mounting, it helps to have a professional installer optimized for quick, seamless integration.

Experience the Future of Window Coverings with Motorized Roller Shades

Upgrading your manual shades to automated roller shades is an investment in your home that keeps giving. As we’ve covered, motorized shades offer everything from high-tech capabilities to energy bill savings and privacy. Plus, they look beautiful.

If you’re ready to upgrade your windows with the many perks of motorized roller shades, New England Window Fashions experts are here to help. Our dedicated team brings decades of experience helping homeowners select the perfect custom shades. We carry an unbeatable selection of today’s top brands and the latest innovations. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and schedule your free in-home design consultation. The future of window coverings is here – embrace them for maximum long-term benefits with the help of New England Window Fashions.