Working in an office flooded with glare from sunlight pouring in through the windows makes it difficult to see your computer screen. Squinting to view your monitor strains your eyes, gives you headaches, and reduces productivity. Utilizing the proper window shades in your workplace, however, can significantly reduce brightness and glare to create a comfortable environment conducive to work.

What to Look for in Office Window Shades

When selecting shades for your office windows to diminish glare, you’ll want to consider a few key factors:

  • Material
    The material your window shades are constructed from impacts light-blocking capabilities. Heavier fabrics like blackout cloth that fully obscures external light work best to prevent glare. Lighter sheer or lightweight cotton materials allow too much light transmission.
  • Opacity
    The opacity level for office window shades relates to how see-through the fabric is. Opaque shades that you can’t see through do better for controlling sunlight glare than translucent shades.
  • Light Gaps
    Any gaps around the edges of window shades permit light seepage. Ensure shades fit snugly within window frames to eliminate light gaps that can cause glare spots and reflection issues.
  • Automation
    Automated smart shades that adjust opaqueness based on sunlight levels work wonders for managing glare. We offer motorized shades that are perfect for offices.

Top Window Treatments for Glare and Sunlight Control

With those shade considerations in mind, these window covers stand out when it comes to dimming glare in office environments.

Office with Insollroll roller shades minimizing sunlight glare.

Roller Shades

Roller shades neatly roll up around a tube when opened and unfurl to cover windows when closed. They’re available in room-darkening opaque materials and offer a clean, versatile solution.

Norman Window Fashions Roman shades for glare reduction

Roman Shades

Roman shades have a classic style created by lifting folds of fabric when opened. When closed, the gentle draping material construction stops nearly all incoming light.

Norman Window Fashions cellular shades for reducing office glare and enhancing comfort

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades earn their name from the cellular-shaped cloth construction holding air pockets to hamper light passage. This blackout window shade is a formidable barrier against glare for boosted workplace comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions about Window Shades

1. What types of materials block the most glare?

Tightly woven light-blocking and room-darkening fabrics perform best when effectively blocking glare. Blackout cloths or vinyl coatings that completely prevent exterior light transmission create the highest glare reduction and light-dimming capabilities. Woven woods, solar screens, and acrylics are some preferred materials capable of substantially diminishing glare.

While matching window shades to your office’s décor scheme offers a cohesive, polished look, the light-blocking functionality of shades takes precedence over aesthetics for dimming glare. The style still counts if considering automated smart shades, yet finding shades in colors complementing your design cuts glare and makes spaces visually appealing.

Spending more for premium shades nets benefits, making the investment worthwhile. High-end shades with better construction, materials, engineering, insulation qualities, automation, longevity, and glare-reduction capabilities outperform budget shades. Considering employees gaze at screens daily, the enhanced productivity and workplace comfort from reduced glare justify the expenditure.

Keep Glare at Bay with Sunlight-Taming Shades

Our innovative shades empower companies to achieve optimum lighting comfort in work environments. Window coverings tailored to eliminate glare allow employees to work comfortably at computers without squinting and straining from excessive brightness. Reduced glare and sunlight control promote productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Contact New England Window Fashion today to schedule a free consultation with our shade specialists to select and install premium shades to regulate glare across your office space. Don’t let the glare distract and diminish the output of your dedicated employees. Counter the effect of sunlight flooding into windows with powerful sunlight-taming shades capable of the highest glare reduction.